Playground in the centre of Hanmer Springs


Suitable for younger children (equipment) although space for biking/running for all!

This playground in the centre of Hanmer Springs, has equipment that suits younger kids (preschoolers?) including swings, a little slide, tunnel and naughts and crosses. Shade sails cover the equipment.

There’s also a small creek to fish around in and a duck pond with a track running round it that’s suitable for buggies, riding bikes and scooters (although watch kids going on the boardwalks over the water!) Crossing over Chisholm Crescent, these tracks continue through Chisholm Park if you want to go further. There’s also space for ball games, running around and picnics with plenty of picnic tables. You can even use the free BBQ if you come prepared with ingredients!

Toilets next to the playground equipment.

See here for a playground with equipment better suited to older kids.

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Contact Information

Address: Chisholm Crescent, Hanmer Springs just behind the shops on Conical Hill Road. There’s parking next to the playground.

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