Westburn Reserve Mini Road Bike Park, Burnside, Christchurch


Suitable for all ages

On the West-side of Christchurch CBD, the mini road has road signs, roundabouts, stop junctions etc for kids to practice their road safety skills when riding. Any wheel-based ride on from bikes, to trikes to scooters work well on the smooth concrete. They’ll also get good practice using their brakes to avoid other road users!

There’s a small playground with slides, swings, seesaws and a roundabout. Toilets onsite and grassy area for ball games and running around.

If you’re wanting to tie a visit here with an indoor activity, this playground is about 1km from Jellie Park Swimming pool which you can view here.

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Contact Information

Address: Westburn Reserve, Westburn Terrace, Burnside, Christchurch. Parking and park access from Westburn Terrace or between 207 & 211 Memorial Avenue.

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