Sliding, Harling Park, Wither Hills, Blenheim


Suitable for all ages

This is a great family activity if you go prepared with some old pieces of cardboard (one for everyone that wants a turn is preferable!) Head to the grassy hill to the west of Harling Park armed with your cardboard, trudge to the top of the hill and enjoy a ride down sitting or lying on your cardboard. Hours of fun to be had!

The view from the top of the hill is pretty spectacular and it’s a dog-friendly park if you’re looking to tire both kids and the pet pooch out! There’s a ‘dogs off leash’ section. There’s a toilet near the entrance to the park and a Japanese Garden to explore too if you want (dogs prohibited from this section though).

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Contact Information

Address: Howick Road entrance, Blenheim. There’s parking at the end of this road.

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