Skatepark and Mini Road, Otaki


Suitable for all ages

Set away from both the beach and town centre, this is a fully fenced, quiet skatepark and mini road system perfect for a range of ages that want to practice their wheel skills without going onto the ‘real’ road!

The mini road system is a series of roads with a roundabout, speed hump, road signs and junctions. Great for scooters, balance bikes, real bikes or ride ons.

This is right next to a small skatepark (within the same fenced off area so fine for observing a child at both the mini road and skatepark). There are ramps of differing gradients and rails for practising skateboard and scooter skills on.

Skatepark and Mini Road, Otaki Kids On BoardIn addition, there are 2 pieces of playground equipment for those that don’t have or don’t want to be on wheels. There’s a spinning pole and climbing structure.

There’s some grass to sit on (handily elevated so you could potentially see children in different parts of this small area) and a couple of picnic tables and a toilet.

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Contact Information

Address: Corner of Aotaki Street and Riverbank Road, Otaki. There’s a small off-street area to park in or you can park on Aotaki Street.

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