Riverstone Cafe, Otaki


Suitable for all ages

If you’re looking to break a journey on the SH1 around the Kapiti Coast, and the weather isn’t good enough for a playground, this cafe is a good option because it has a covered shed that serves as a playroom for the kids to run around in and be occupied. The food and coffee get really mixed reviews.The kids’ pizza and treasure chests (a paper bag with a sandwich with your choice of filling, a piece of fruit, a biscuit, small snack size bag of plain chips plus a fluffy) have been recommended. Otherwise the more straight forward cabinet food and toasties/sandwiches are generally more favourably reviewed.

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Contact Information

Tel: 06 364 6742

Web: http://www.riverstonecafe.co.nz

Address: 170 SH1, Otaki. Parking on the street or round the back of the cafe.

Open: daily 7.30am – late afternoon.

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