Odyssey Sensory Maze, Auckland City


Suitable for anyone not afraid of the dark (see below)

This is an indoor maze with a difference – navigating through it, tests your senses. The first part is pitch black so you’ll need to use your hands to feel your way around each space. The floor is sometimes wobbly or there might be something hanging down that you have to feel your way past. This section can be very scary for some kids as you really can’t see anything. This might put some families off trying it or you might have to encourage your child(ren) through it. The recommended minimum age is 8 years old but younger kids are allowed and do enjoy the experience.

Once you’re through the dark section, the rest of the maze is lit to some degree. There’s a room with mirrors to get through, a ball pit filled with balloons, and a corridor of different smells to try to identify. As an adult, this maze allows you to guide and help your child(ren) while also having fun. It’s a great place to come to get out of the rain or heat of the busy shopping district. You might need to slow your child(ren) down to take time to really enjoy each part, if they’re prone to racing through things – once you’re out, you’ll need to pay to go back in but when you’re in the maze, there’s no time limit to complete it.

An addition in 2017 was the crazy goggles that you can pay to wear to have a heightened experience while going through the maze – the lights are more intense and there’s a 3D element if wearing them. Possibly better suited to adults and older kids but it will depend on your child.

During the school holidays and weekends, it can be busy but you can pay and be given an estimated waiting time so that you can go away, perhaps have something to eat and come back again ready to start.

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Contact Information

Tel: 09 365 1145

Web: http://odysseysensorymaze.co.nz

Address: 291-297 Queen Street, Auckland City on the lower basement level of the Metro Centre.

Open: daily 10am – 10pm

Price: Adults $22, Kids (5-12 years) $17, Students (from 13 years) $20, Kids 4 years and under FREE. Family Pass (2A+2K) $64. Booking online before you go will save you money on these prices.

TOP TIP: check on the Book Me website here to see if you can secure tickets for cheaper for when you want to go.

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