Maori Rock Carving, Mine Bay, Lake Taupo


Suitable for all ages that can travel on the water

If you have the use of a boat or kayaks at Lake Taupo, it’s worth going out to Mine Bay in the North East corner of the lake to see the huge carving of Ngātoroirangi, an ancestor of the artist, Matahi Whakataka-Brightwell, who completed the carving in 1980. Only accessible by water, it’s a great thing to ‘stumble’ across and is big enough for kids to easily see. You can also point out the smaller carvings around the main carving which are Ngātoroirangi’s ancestors and guardians. The closest launching point to Mine Bay is at Acacia Bay. There are rocks that kids love to jump off between the two bays. If you don’t have your own water transport, there are scenic cruises that include the carvings which can be booked at the i-site in Taupo. See the website link for more details.

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Address: Mine Bay, Lake Taupo. Only accessible on the water with the closest launch at Acacia Bay.

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