Leith Valley Glow Worms, Dunedin


Suitable for all ages

This is an after dark trip that kids of all ages can enjoy if they’re allowed to stay up! The glow worms are on a cliff face and further round in a cave – approximately a 15 minute walk in each direction. It’s a good idea to wear gumboots as it can be very muddy (especially if it’s been raining). You’ll also need torches and it’s recommended that you go to check the route out during the day or at least start your walk in daylight so you have an idea about the way back! Head lamps are a good idea for kids so they don’t drop hand held ones but they’ll need to be turned off to actually see the glow worms.

A sturdy 3 wheeled buggy should manage the track or smaller kids can be carried in front/backpacks etc – the adult carrier would just need to be careful if the ground is slippery.

The glow worms can be seen at dusk and at anytime of year but they’re clearer on colder nights – dress warmly!

There is also a track to waterfalls (Nicholls Falls) which branches off the glow worm track. If you’re going for a daytime trip to check the route out, these are worth looking at. There are 2 entrances, one near the camping ground at Ross Creek and via The Nichols Falls Track.

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Contact Information

Web: http://itravelnz.com/listing/leith-valley-glow-worms-4fbee41122b82.html

Address: Two options 1. Leith Valley Road, near the Mountain Bike Track, Dunedin. There are a few parking spaces on the road near a white bridge and the start of the path is signposted for the Nichols Fall Track. 2. Round the back of Leith Touring Camping Park Malvern Road, Dunedin following the Ross Track.

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