Labyrinth Rocks, Takaka


Suitable for all ages of walkers

The area around Takaka is known for its limestone rock formations and this one is easily accessible to anyone who can walk (narrow paths through the rocks mean it’s not suitable for buggies, wheelchairs or at times, even backpacks). It’s a natural maze and kids seem to enjoy getting lost in it and then trying to find their way out. Maps are available at the entrance (as is a toilet) but exploring without referring to the map can also be fun.

Labyrinth Rocks, Takaka Kids On BoardThere are small, often plastic toys placed all along the different routes which people have different opinions about. Some think these are ‘fun’ others would say ‘curious’ and still others would say ‘tacky’. For some kids though these toys are an added incentive to walk round the maze of rocks and they can be useful for finding your way out.

As with all mazes, some families will have explored and seen what they want after 10 minutes while others will stay for an hour setting up different challenges. It’s a good place to be to get out of the heat as the rocks provide shade. Conversely you might want to take an extra layer on a cooler day.

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Contact Information

Address: 45 Scott Rd, Takaka (2kms out of Takaka in the direction of Pohara). Some car parking available near the entrance.

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