Disc (Frisbee) Golf at Queenstown Gardens


Suitable for probably around 2 years +

Around Queentstown Gardens a course is laid out for people to play frisbee (sometimes known as ‘disc’) golf. Rather like a golf course there are 18 tee off areas and 18 targets to aim for. These are all metal chain baskets. Also like golf there is a ‘par’ number for each target with 4 holes being classed as 4 par. You need to be aware of other users of the Gardens and not throw your frisbee if people are in the way and might get hit, this is especially important at 2 holes that are considered ‘blind’ and require a spotter to check before a throw is made.

The course is on a mix of mown grass and through pine forest so shady in places but a sunhat and sunblock is essential in warmer months.

This activity is free if you bring your own frisbee or disc. If you don’t have one, you can hire them from most sports shops in Queenstown. See under contacts for details. Because of this, you could potentially come and go from the course according to your kids’ interest but be aware of others playing and make sure you don’t queue jump! You will also find it handy to have a course map which can also be picked up at sports shop in the town centre.

There are lots of places within the gardens to enjoy a picnic so take provisions with you. If you’re dressed for the weather, this doesn’t just have to be a fine weather activity!

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Contact Information

Address: the first hole is located near the Park Street entrance to the Gardens, by the ‘Disc Golf’ sign. Look out for the Rotunda as it’s on the lakeside of this.

Address for Disc Hire: There are several sports shops that hire out discs should you need one but try Small Planet Sports at 17 Shooter Street, Queenstown. Call them on  03 442 6393 for opening hours or check their website here.

Price: Discs can be hired for $5/day at Small Planet Sports. Participation on the course is free.

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