Coyle Park, Point Chevalier, Auckland


Suitable for all ages

This park is probably best known for its playground but there’s also beach access and a huge area of grass suitable for picnics, running around and ball games.

The playground is wheelchair accessible and it also has a special area for preschoolers with a low level platform for kids to walk around and interactive boards at various points e.g. a music board.

Coyle Park, Point Chevalier, Auckland Kids On BoardThere’s a spiders’ web (spacenet) for climbing, a flying fox and train. The latter is people powered and requires kids or willing adults to push it along the track. Parents will need to pay attention especially with preschoolers as the train gathers quite a lot of speed!

There are toilets within the park. Cafes are plentiful along Point Chevallier Road (including some that sell scoop ice cream).

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Contact Information

Address: At the end of Point Chevalier Road (the buses terminate here making it easily accessible by bus). There are also car parking spaces here too.

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