Cafe Agora, Frankton, Hamilton


Suitable for all ages

In the suburb of Frankton, this cafe is very community minded being owned and operated by a Church. Open throughout the week and on Saturdays, they serve breakfast and lunch, with a kids’ menu that includes a lunchbox. They also have free fluffies (one for every purchase) and a big indoor playroom that can keep kids entertained, while you watch them from the cafe area. Not only do they have a kids’ sized toilet area within the playroom but they also stock a supply of nappies just in case you’ve runout.

This cafe is very child friendly and recommendations say that the food and coffee are great too! The menus can be viewed on their website here.

If you’re looking to tie a visit to this cafe in with a visit to a playground, you might want to check out Hamilton Lake Domain here.

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Contact Information

Tel: 07 847 0356


Address: 13b Kent Street, Frankton, Hamilton

Open: Monday – Friday 7.30am – 3pm

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