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Countdown till School Starts – Survival Guide!

Going crazy

The countdown till schools go back is on. It’s been a long break and if you’ve spent time at home looking after the kids, you may be wondering how you’re going to get through the last few days, especially if the weather’s been terrible! Have you considered turning the tables and getting them to come… Read more »

Top Tips for avoiding car journey hell!


Before you go: Check the traffic and weather for your trip, can you avoid potential traffic hotspots? A bit of a detour can be quicker than crawling in slow moving traffic. Plan stops according to the weather and don’t forget to keep gumboots and raincoats handy so you can still get out of the car… Read more »

Games to counter car boredom


Travelling in the car is tedious. Games that need nothing other than your voice, sometimes eyes and always imagination work best for road trips, especially if you have kids that get carsick! Lots of games can be adapted to suit younger/older kids. If competitions are liable to start in-car-fighting, eliminate this aspect (suggestions below). NOTE… Read more »

Enjoy Eating Out With Your Kids!


As a child, eating out was only something we did as a birthday treat and the choice (in the UK) was an equivalent to Valentines or the local Italian ‘tratorria’. Nowadays families seem to eat out more often and the choice of venue is vast but it’s not always pleasurable with kids. Having your children… Read more »

Useful Websites for local family info in our cities & regions

Kids On Board no thumbnail

There are lots of websites out there that cover our main cities or different regions, generally aimed at families living in these areas, giving info like lists of kids classes or playgroups in different suburbs. But they often have some good local knowledge for visitors too including family friendly events that are happening or if you’re simply… Read more »

Top Tips for skiing with kids in NZ


Skiing with kids is great fun but can be very expensive, so plan ahead if you want to save some money. Ski clothing is expensive and kids grow quickly so borrow whatever you can or hire it but research before you go. A shop in the closest town could be cheaper than on the mountain, or even hiring where you… Read more »